Flour Power In Colorado

It’s nor like us to post about something that isn’t a well done windmill conversion, but when it happens to be a mill conversion of another kind that’s been done extremely well, we have to showcase it.

This converted loft in Denver was originally a flour mill that has been transformed in to quite the living space. Its the kind of home you’re used to seeing someone be lucky enough to reside at in a movie.  The exposed walls and roof space not only add great height and depth throughout, but you also get to see some original features (not including the newly reinstalled pipes and ventilation of course). Just look at the original pillar still standing up with a little bit of a facelift. It help the room immensely.

The large space also means the apartment can be something of a playground for any interior decorating. One wall has a very large painting dominating, while a big rug makes the dining area seem just the little bit more homely. This theme is carried on throughout the building in the office and bedroom.

One thing can be said for its relationship with a windmill: it has just as good as a view from the top. The balcony gives some lovely views of the outskirts of Denver.

flour pillar flour kitch flour painting flour office flour rugs flour view